Life at WU

Back to school!!!

Hi everyone!

We are now into the 3rd week of classes and already things are picking up pace! 

Now that the new semester has started, I wanted to highlight 3 new additions to the WashU campus:

1) A new underpass to the South 40.

Here’s a picture of the old underpass, new picture is soon to come!



The old underpass, or pathway connecting Main Campus to the South 40 residential area, needed some renovations.  Every day the underpass is painted with numerous layers of paint to detail different events on campus and the constant love had taken it’s toll–the paint layers were becoming too heavy.  A sturdy and new underpass now guides the way back to the dorms and it looks great!!


2) Bloom Coffee.

Ursa’s, a common hangout space and place to get food and listen to music, has also undergone renovation during the summer and has now emerged even better than before!  The space now offers a prime study and hangout booths, as well as a brand-new coffee bar.  Bloom Coffee features traditional espresso drinks as well as hand-brewed coffee using pour-over methods like the Chemex and Beehouse to produce the best-tasting cups of coffee.  Even more exciting, they also offer “mocktails” of fruit and soda mixes to entertain your tastebuds on a late Thursday and Friday night.   


3) McLeod’s Way

Dean McLeod was a very special and influential leader in the WashU community who really shaped the undergraduate experience here and made WashU into what it is today.  Upon his passing last Fall, the University has decided to commemerate him by dedicicating a special pathway leading to the South 40 called McLeod’s Way.  Here is the rough sketch, soon to be completed!



The pathway will start directly after you cross underneath the new South40 underpass and will be a peaceful area to stop, smell the flowers, chat, and relax on your way to class.  A wonderful way to remember such a special leader.

Here is another view of the location for the new pathway:



Hope your Fall and new semester is off to a great start!

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