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Summer Plans and Question-Time!

For summer, I plan to stay in St. Louis and continue my psychology research.  I work in an Anxiety lab that conducts research on anxiety disorders, in particular social anxiety, and there is a lot of work to finish over the summer so I will primarily be there, as well as working at Kaldis!! I can’t wait to begin making/serving coffee!

Other than that, I have a couple of trips planned to Chicago, DC, and Cincinnati to visit friends, but mostly I will be chilling here in St. Louis working, moving into my new apartment, writing this blog, and hanging out with friends.

Yay!! 🙂

But now, for Question-Time!


What do YOU want to know about WashU?  I really want to hear your questions or comments regarding the school or life as a student…feel free to comment with any questions, I will be continuing to blog throughout the summer so hopefully I will hear from you! 🙂

Happy Summer!!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Plans and Question-Time!

  1. billy on said:

    Hows the writing classes?

    • Writing 1 is a required class that all freshman take, it’s a lot like an AP English Composition class but you also do a semester-long independent study project. Juniors/Seniors are also required to take at least one Writing Intensive class. Most every department/major has a WI class but you could also take any class from the English Composition department, since those are all WI classes as well. These are the requirements for ArtSci students, Engineering and other students have different requirements–for example, Engineering students are required to take a Technical Writing class that teaches aspects of tech writing, like a research proposal, technical instructions etc…hope that answers your question!

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