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Weekends @ WashU: Fourth Weekend in April

Happy Monday guys!

Yayyy for the last weekend in April–my last full weekend in school!  (Classes end this Friday, the 27th).

The big event on campus this weekend was ThurtenE Carnival.  This is an event truly unique to WashU!  Basically, the fraternities and sororities team up to build facades (essentially large houses) and put on fun skits to match their theme.  Some of the themes this year were ‘House of Cards’, a summer-camp rustic cabin, and a 1950’s diner.  There were also carnival rides and of course, great food like salty popcorn and funnel cakes.  Although the carnival is mostly for children in the St. Louis/WashU community, there were tons of students there to check out the rides and visit their friends who were part of the skits.  I posted a couple of pictures in my Campus Views post last week, but here are some more:

–photos taken from WashU StudLife and ThurtenE …check out more photos here!

Later Saturday night, some of my friends and I met up on the Loop and went to Market Pub House, a typical bar and grill restaurant where WashU students hang out on the weekend.  They sponsor the Ghost-Pepper Wing Challenge where you eat 10 buffalo wings that have been smothered in garlic paste, Market Pub’s ‘Stupid Hot’ sauce, topped with other spices, and most importantly the Ghost-Pepper seasoning.  These wings are so hot that you if you undertake the challenge, you have to eat them outside the restaurant so no one in the rest of the diner can feel the effects of the immense spiciness!  According to our waiter, this challenge makes “grown men cry, vomit, and almost faint on the spot”.  My boyfriend attempted the challenge and we all crowded around to watch–he made it through 5 of the 10 wings before having to stop because of the spicy pain but we were all proud!

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to shadow a psychiatrist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital (the hospital associated with the WashU Medical School).  Since I am planning on studying clinical psychology after I graduate, I wanted to take this time to shadow a real psychiatrist and learn more about psychiatric patients.  It was an amazing experience and I definitely learned a lot from my morning there.  For all you who are interested in medicine, here are some pictures I took of the med campus!

So that was my weekend, I hope your week is off to a great start! 🙂

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